A responsive website is one that has flexible layouts to fit various sizes. Thus a responsive design simply means a website design that molds itself according to the device. Whether it is a smartphone, desktop, or tablet. The major goal of this website development is for the content of the website. Website content should adjust itself depending on the device or screen size. It is so that the users don’t have to resize it manually to view content.
Responsive web design affects your business website adversely.  It is an important factor to improve the user experience. It impacts your SEO and conversion rates in a positive way. In various ways, it can affect the growth of your website.

Here are some incredible benefits of having a responsive web design

Responsive web design
  • Improved SEO

One of the huge advantages of responsive web design is an improved ranking in search engines. Google takes responsiveness as one of the crucial factors to rank in search engine results. If your website is not responsive so automatically it will be placed lower in search engine results.
  • Better Traffic

Traffic Measurements show that almost 79% of all worldwide web traffic comes from mobile phones. As a matter of fact, this records the greater part of all worldwide Web traffic. This mainly shows how having a site that renders appropriately on all mobile phones is progressively significant. By executing a responsive design, you will naturally see an expansion in the number of your site visitors and furthermore the time length they spend on your site.
  • Higher Conversion Rates

Research shows that the average mobile phone conversion rates are around 64% higher than the desktop conversion rate. From this, it is exceptionally simple to see the reason why making a responsive site with a decent client experience is the key to a higher change rate. As your guests invest more time in your site, they build trust which prompts better conversion rates. Truly, clients will quite often get disappointed being diverted whenever they want to subscribe to a service.
  • Instant Website Loading time

As per insights, people will quite often leave those sites that require over three seconds to complete the process of loading content. Websites that have responsive design load much faster regardless of the device used to access them. Responsive web designs lead to faster loading of web pages. It has a positive impact on your website visitors.
  • Faster web development

During the early time, it was common for website holders to make a separate mobile version of the website. They used to do it whenever a smaller screen size was found. Making a responsive website takes less time than making a desktop website. Also, it will be costly for you if you design two different websites. So better to design just one responsive website.
  • Better User Experience

A Responsive website design leaves a positive impact on your website visitors. It makes your visitors a positive experience. Your visitors find that your website responds effectively to the changes effectively. Make sure that they can access all the menus. Likewise, they will spend their quality time on your website. The navigation of your site should be easy.