Common Printer Problems and Solutions

There are a few things that lead to instant frustration when you need to print something and your printer does not cooperate. Printers can sometimes bring a puzzled range of problems. 

Introduction Printer Issues

Some common issues can be fixed by searching about them. Still, there are some problems which would require you to call a technician with the right knowledge. So here Kabyte It Solutions is there to resolve your common printer issues. There are many different types of printer issues that can occur from time to time and it is important for people who use printers on a regular basis to be aware of them so that they can take the proper steps when faced with one.

Best brands we provide services for

  • HP Printer
  • Canon Printer
  • Epson Printer
  • Brother Printer
  • Xerox Printer
  • Samsung Printer
  • Panasonic Printer
  • Lexmark Printer
  • Dell Printer
  • Kyocera Printers

Some Common Printer issues

Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most common problems with printers. There could be a number of reasons for paper jams. The cause of Paper jams may be the low-quality cartridges. Also, it could occur when you have not stored the cartridges properly. Your printer uses a system of rollers for moving the paper by your machine. Sometimes these rollers are not maintained properly which may tear the rollers. These rollers are designed for the whole lifespan of the printer. So the use of the wrong paper can result in damage to the paper jams. You can treat these issues with maintenance. If you still find some kind of error so you can contact our support team.

Paper Jams-Printer Problems and Solutions
Printer Driver issues-Printer Problems and Solutions

Printer Driver Problems

Your printer driver is the translator between your computer and printer. Like other software, drivers can also lose data after an update. Sometimes your printer is not responding to basic commands or is crashing continuously. In such cases, any driver update can fix your issue. You would have downloaded the wrong drive on your computer to work with your printer. To find an updated version of your printer driver you can contact our support team. This way you can find a way to printer problems and solutions.

Printer displayed 79 Error

It is the most common error which usually pops up on newer devices. This is caused mainly by corrupt print jobs. This error can also be a result of a network print server that service the printer. It can be resolved if you log in and remove the printer from your device. Also, you can perform a cold reset of your device. If you are still facing error 79 issues so you can contact our expert support team.

Error 79-Printer Problems and Solutions
Error 50.4-Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Printer displaying Error 50.4

If you see the error 50.4 popping up on your HP printer. So most likely you need to replace the fuser. This error specifies the issue with the fuser or power outlet where the printer is connected. There can be various causes for it if you look for printer problems and solutions. You may have installed the main driver gear in the wrong format. Also, there could be some issues with the AC power supply or DC controller. Any lack of sufficient voltage can trigger a 50.4 error. For a temporary fixation, you can turn the printer off and on again.

Printer randomly shuts off  

This issue arises when the power cord of the printer gets disconnected while printing something. This issue may occur due to the lack of suitable care that is taken after unplugging the power cord of the printer. Make sure to unplug your printer’s power cord after the printing work is finished.

Printer Randomly shuts off<br />

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