Common Email Issues

Emails are the most common way to communicate with customers. They are used for customer service and sales, but also for marketing campaigns. Sometimes there are a few email issues that appear to be only getting worse. 

Introduction to Emails

Email is a great Medium because it’s simple to use and accessible from anywhere. However, not all emails are created equally. There are many ways to make your emails more effective, such as adding visual content or including links to useful resources in the text of your email. More than 2 billion people use Email for their business contact. There are possibilities for email issues. Some of the issues can be easily recognizable and some will require further inquiry.


Common Issues in Emails 

There are multiple reasons for the email issues. Some of them may be easily recognizable and some will require inquiry. So here are some of the most common email issues you might face.

Long emails

Long emails are the issue when they convey information that is better-conveyed face to face or through a phone call. This issue occurs when the email is used for messages where it is not effective. Somewhat like a tough conversation. Most of the time your email is not getting read because it’s too long. Resist the desire to write long messages. If you are writing long responses so that is basically a conversation. You can’t call it an email. The shorter your emails, the better possibility that they will be responded to. In today’s fastest communication, no one wants to read excessively long emails. If your emails are brief, the recipients will get the point.

email  issues- long detailed
Email Issues 2-Lost or Delayed Emails

Lost or Delayed Emails

These lost or delayed emails can get you in trouble. Losing your precious client-related information is the worst thing. Also, it can ruin your business reputation. This is one of the most frustrating email issues. It mostly happens because of the anti-spam measures which filter out valid emails. Such situations will always compell you to double check your emails whether they are getting delivered or not.

Emails stuck in the outbox

This issue in the outbox tab is one more casual and the most annoying bug. If you find that Emails are stuck in the outbox, just check your internet connection once. Another reason may be an antivirus plugin installed in your email software. It prevents the message from being sent.

Email Issue 3-Emails stuck in the outbox
Email issues 4-Can’t send or receive the emails

Can’t send or receive the emails

There may be various reasons why you are not able to send or receive emails. The internet connection may be missing. Working with the continuity of such email issues becomes hectic. Network connection failure also can be the reason for this issue. So connect the internet or network. Also, there can be issues with the network of email servers. Configuration of your Email program can also be the factor causing this trouble.

Bounced Back Emails

An email bounceback is an automated connection or communication sent from a service provider. It is to notify the sender that his message cannot be successfully delivered to the recipient. Every day several email bounces happen. There may be multiple reasons that an email bounces. Email bouncing wastes your time as well as effort. Blocked emails, undeliverable emails, and Suspended emails could be the reason for it It is necessary to monitor and clean up the bounces closely. 

Bounced back Emails

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