Presently, there is nothing that is not available online. From food to technology everything is available through the internet in just a few clicks. As we know that popularity of the internet has been increasing largely. Everyone is digital and every business or brand has a website. We all know what is a website but some of us might not know how they work. In a world with multiple options for every service. It is more important than ever for businesses to stay up with evolving technologies. Here we will discuss why having properly optimized website layout designs are essential.

Importance of website design

Website layout designs

Designing a good website requires a lot of strategies. Consideration should also be given to content structure, fonts, images, and brand colors. While explaining the importance of website design “the first impression is the best impression” comes to mind. Everyone needs an attractive and well-designed website for their business. 

The wrong design may make a website difficult to navigate. Regardless of how amazing your service is, users might give up if your website design is not good. Therefore we are going to discuss the best website layout designs. 

Innovative website layout ideas

Now as you are familiar with the importance of web design. Let us discuss the creative layouts that offer a smooth experience to your website visitors. 

  • Single column layout

One amazing example of a single-column layout is Apple’s iPad product page. The page’s main content fits totally in a single column. The differentiating high-contrast design pushes clients to scroll further down the site and make their purchases. In such a website, the layout design page is attractive, and simple to explore. Also, it gives all the data a potential client might have to be familiar with the product. Single-column designs can offer a smooth client experience. Also, they are truly outstanding if you have the plan to make a long-from site. Aside from product offerings, the type of website can stretch out to online journals, articles or social media feeds.

  • Full-screen/content-focused layout

A full-screen design can be attractive for a visitor as it brings them into an enormous focal picture. Netflix is perhaps of the best online streaming platforms. It utilizes the full-screen arrangement to flaunt the visually appealing aesthetics of its well-known shows. The landing page is dominated by the picture yet gives simple to-utilize navigation. It permits clients to find amazing shows or films with the assistance of a search bar. To make the most of these inventive website design layouts, the picture or video that you use should be top-notch. A short spellbinding text can also say a ton regarding what the website is about. 

  • Split screen layout

A split screen design is one of the most inventive website layout designs for catching clients’ eyes. The site of Engine Themes illustrates that the business offers two kinds of administration – plan, and advancement. It shows that both are of equivalent significance to the business and allow likely clients to find out about the service that they give. Split screen layouts make an ideal balance equilibrium for each segment.


An attractive and well-designed, user-friendly website can draw a good amount of traffic to your website to increase customer engagement. Conversion becomes much faster with website layout designs.