Dust, Pape fiber, and other trash could gather on the paper feed rollers and cause paper feed issues and paper jams. There could be multiple reasons for paper jam on HP printer. Paper jams on HP printers can occur casually. It is crucial to clear them and resume your work. In simple words, a Paper jam is an issue when the print material or paper gets stuck into a printer. Whenever this issue occurs, the printer stops functioning.

Causes of Paper Jam on HP printer

Paper Jam on hp Printer
While you are printing, the printer quits feeding your pages. After this, the error of paper jam blunder appears on the printer control panel. This indicates that the paper may be stuck inside the printer.
Here are some of the casual causes for Paper jams:
1. The Paper is not inserted properly
Incorrect loading of paper is one of the most common problems. Lots of things can go wrong while loading the paper into the input tray. Folded papers can also cause the same problem.
2. Using low Cartridges
Using low or refilled cartridges can also result in paper jams. Such low-quality cartridges can leave behind stray ink or tone powder. It can damage the unit and result in the errors such as paper jams.
3. Rollers are damaged
The printer’s rollers pull in the sheet in the input tray. These rollers can go through wear and tear or get damaged due to excessive use. In such a case, you can call our repair service to install a new roller for the printer.

How to fix Paper Jam on HP printer?

These issues can be set with some basic checks and steps. If still there are some issues like the image shown does not match to the image you wanted to print so you can connect with us. Let us learn the basic resolutions for the fixation of paper jam on HP printer.


1. Clean a Jam outside the Printer

Remove the stuck paper from the following regions:
  • Input and Output Paper plate.
  • Peer inside the areas where the paper enters and leaves the printer.
  • If there is any stuck paper so remove it.
  • Open the ADF cover. Afterward, remove the stuck paper. If any paper is stuck there so it may show the issue of paper jams.
  • Attempt it. If the issue still continues to proceed to the next steps.

2. Clear a Jam from inside of the printer

Paper jams on hp printer. can be inside the printer too. You can use a spotlight to take a look at every corner if there is any torn paper or waste.
  • Switch off the printer. Disconnect the power cord or any other cable. Take out the jammed paper from the specified areas.
  • Ink or toner Cartridge access region- Open the accessible entrance. After that move the cartridge and the stuck paper.
  • Also, check under the paper way cover. Your printer may have a paper way cover behind the cartridge. Remove the cover and the stuck paper if there is any.
  • Take out the Input plate. If you find any stuck paper so remove it.
  • If your printer has a bottom cleanout entrance, lift the printer. Just check under it. Afterward, remove the stuck material from the bottom cleanout.
  • In the rear access entryway removing the paper way cover is crucial.
  • Also, replace the removed parts and close the open entryways.
  • Once all these steps are over, reconnect the power cord and all the disconnected wires.
  • At the end make sure to turn on your printer.


You must clean the printer in order to avoid the paper jam on the HP printer. There can be various problems with the paper jam on HP printer. These issues can be set by the solutions discussed above. Hope you find the article helpful.