Logo Designing

A logo is a symbol of a company , it is that which identifies a business. From a company logo you can see its values and direcion. A logo can attract clients because of its looks. No better agency that provides Logo designing services than Kabyte IT Solutions. We have a creative team that is ready to create your unique, one of a kind logo. With your company vision and our creative mind. We can  form a meaningful, beautiful and eye-catching logo.

Features We Offer


High-Resolution logo files

When you utilise Kabyte IT solutions to create your own logo, you receive high-resolution, usable PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG, and vector logo file types. You will receive high-resolution files and professional logo design services from our logo creation team.


Logos with different colour schemes

Both coloured and transparent backgrounds are included with the logo made with the logo creation tool. Above all, that demonstrates a logo designer’s versatility. Our logo color schemes express your unique brand. 


100% editable logo designs

Using the most up-to-date technology and unlimited adjustments, our logo creator makes it incredibly easy to create a logo that meets your needs.

Our Services

Graphic Redesigning

Highly Skilled Graphic Designers

Kabyte IT Solutions provides professional graphic designers who specialize in Logo design. They have all the knowledge of all the software needed to produce quality logos. A great logo design will help your brand to gain higher visibility and user interaction. We design attractive logos that enhance the brand proposition at reasonable rates. Our team of logo designers uses different graphic elements and fabulous designs. With a lot of experience that they have in this field, we guarantee the best from us. We have done a lot of Logos for many big and small companies and businesses from all over. We continue to strive to be better each day.

Graphic Redesigning
detailed brand analysis

Detailed brand analysis 

Before we start creating a company logo as part of our logo designing services. We also do our own research to make sure we have all the needed information. After all this, we will be sure to start on the project. Understanding the brand is a brilliant way to create a unique logo design. Our team first gets familiar with the company’s target. A logo is an introduction to your brand that tells about the specific niche. Branding effectively can evoke emotions and make brands stand out amongst others. Client Satisfaction is what we look for with our every logo designing. We take feedback from clients and provide a unique output with different outputs.

custom logo

Custom Logo 

With as much knowledge as our team has, if a client wants to change or add anything to their logo we will do so. We put the client’s needs first hence creating the exact logo that the client wants. Custom logos means at any point and time of the designing period the clients can demand any changes. Our team will make sure they do their best to please the client. Our logo design initiates at a reasonable price with the options to meet any budget. No matter how small or big your business is, getting a custom logo for brand can take it toward success. Our Designers also clarifies the logo design concepts that are unique.   

custom logo

All types of logos

We offer all the types of logos that are out there. Our Logo designing services feature Monogram logos. These are  usually a combination of letters to create a single symbol. A combination logo is a combination of a logomark and logotype. The symbol Logos are that which represents a quality or idea. Our team at Kabyte IT Solutions. Abstract Logos puts a great logo idea into one nice shape. Mascot’s logos represent the people and values instead of the business itself. Wordmark is an emblem made by the company name. Most of the popular brands use unique color combinations and shapes for logos that match the niche of their company. 


Multiple Design Concepts

We strive to make sure our clients get exactly what they need or imagine . As a result we can make multiple different logos and make the client choose . We usually like this approach because sometimes people do not know what they want until they see it. With or  Logo designing services , there are endless capabilities of making logos. Our graphics designing team is full of people who are creative in different ways.  Different people can work on creating one client’s logo. This helps  to give the client a chance to choose from a wide range . Hence why we produce many concepts .


Full logo ownership and  copyright

As part of our Logo designing services we make sure the  logo comes with full copyright and ownership. This makes sure the logos are not stolen and copied from other sources. The client can use them anywhere or on any platform that they wish to use it on.