PHP is a server-side scripting language used in the creation of dynamic web pages for web applications. The uniqueness of PHP is that it is open source. PHP is in use for applications that are either robust or in the normal contact form. Custom PHP development is the use of PHP to make a dedicated application made for a person’s needs. Developers use PHP because it is open source, diversity of platforms, extensions, add-ons and the developer community.

Open source

Being open source means it is free and easy to use. It also has a high amount of documentation available. Hence making it the most effective way to build the best reliable sites. PHP takes over space online and does not need any subscription fees or legal obligations. New website developers can enter PHP development due to its well-optimized interface. Developers can use their coding skills and get started. 

Diversity of platform

Code that is generated in PHP is able to run on most major platforms. This allows the PHP developer to integrate into the website across platforms. Hence a business’s costs is less due to this current technology. Using systems like Unix and Linux with added communication with Apache and MySql on the website. 

Extensions and Add-Ons

PHP boasts a high rate of scalability of all the website development languages. With the use of open source language, there is always an active community. This community creates extensions to meet the business needs that are evolving. As a result, developers add features and functionalities. As a result, projects are faster and more reliable. 

Better SEO Purposes

Better SEO Purposes

Custom PHP coding is the perfect way for perfect SEO and Meta-tagging. Custom PHP plays an important role when there is a high dependency on digital media. It creates inbound traffic and analyzes the traffic. A custom landing page3 to capture the leads can also be PHP’s work. Better product highlights are as a result of PHP-based websites. 


Commenting in  PHP and the code structure is understandable and straightforward. This makes editing code in the future easy. The developer or team can understand and capture the code. Hence because of these PHP resources, many developers do not see it as a risk.


The huge community and plugin support on PHP make it immune from any cyber-attacks. There are developers everywhere trying to fix any security holes that might be out there. Giving this server-side programming language guarantees against any threats. The backing up and restoring of a PHP site is much easier than any other scripting language.

Availability Of Resources

PHP has enough resources to build many types of sites and applications. Blog sites, marketplace, e-commerce and social networking. All these are possible. Some developers often hand each other code of the same-based website. This makes it easy and fast to tackle any task. The online help of PHP development is also dependable and can be in use anytime.

In conclusion, Custom PHP is the right language for any development services needed. At Kabyteitsolution we do Custom PHP development, producing fast and efficient sites. For such services visit us at