SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Build credibility and trust with the audience. Hoping to get more traffic on your website? Look no further Kabyte IT Solutions will take care of your site. We are the best SEO Services Agency.

What Do We Offer?


Keyword Targeting

A keyword is that which summarizes your webpage. Our SEO Services Agency takes care of all this. Even this webpage has a target keyword that brought you (as in the one reading this) here. Our agency will make sure that there are appropriate and required target keywords. These keywords can be in the form of a word or phrase.


Content Relevance

In SEO one has to make sure there is relevant content on a page. As part of our services, we make sure that there is useful content. We optimize the information presented to be useful and interesting. At the same time while staying on the relevant topics. This content is important because without this no one will find your page. Our team has years of experience doing this, hence why we are one of the top SEO Agencies.


Link Building

This is a technique making other websites link back to your site. Link building can also help search engines  to discover new pages. Our SEO Services Agency takes link building for it also determines ranking in SERP. This stands for Search Engine Results Page. Link building is linking pages with the same relevant content.

Our Services

  We will not rest until our client’s needs are in existence. These are SEO services you will expect us to help you with:

Custom Magento Development

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is the monitoring of the position of a given website. It can also be looking for specific keywords in a web page. We do this in SEO  to see if the website’s ranking keywords relate to the content. Our SEO Services Agency uses tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush and Google search Console. These tools are accurate and they even offer other important data to improve the state of the site.

Custom Magento Development
website analytics

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is an essential service that we offer as an SEO Services Agency. Kabyte IT Solutions offer the checking of the traffic sources and behavior on the site. We do this with the help of tools to see website data. The process then involves reviewing, tracking, and reviewing data.  This data can project the future of the business or site. There can be projections of the future. How many purchases in the next year or how much traffic is decreasing in the coming months?

Metadata script

Metadata Scripting

On a website, there are tags to insert metadata which is the information about the contents of a page. This information will be responsible for the page titles displayed at the upper most part of a browser. We make sure we put the relevant tags in accordance with your page contents. As time goes on we also review these tages . We make sure we update in accordance to the continent that would have changed overtime.

Metadata script

Competitor Analysis

 This is a Crucial factor in SEO. Sometimes, it’s not sufficient to know the ranking and traffic of your website. As an SEO Sevices agency, we provide this service also. You can also see how your competitors are doing to make sure you stay ahead of them. SEO Competitor Analysis tracks your competitors’ rankings over time along with KPIs such as backlinks, domain authority, and projected traffic.