Social Media Marketing

Is your business willing to explore the Digital marketing space? Well, you have come right where you need to be. Kabyte IT Solutions takes care of all your social media marketing services. Leading to brand recognition and better customer service.

What Do We Offer?

content creation

Content creation

We are there to design and make this content. There are text formatting and specific image dimensions to meet on different platforms.  However, there are different kinds and types of content on social media platforms. These rules also change from time to time because we are always up to date. We help businesses to catch up and do the right thing. 

paid ads

Paid Ads

We make use of paid adverts that we can put on various social media platforms. These paid adverts make sure that a vast number of people see your posts or view your social media platform. Our Social Media Marketing team makes sure they put appropriate advert content in relation to the people who will view them. We are at a point where almost every social media platform offers ads. The platforms already have algorithms that track what a certain individual likes. 


Educating and Consulting

Not all business owners are familiar with social media. We make sure we educate our clients all about social media. Even the ones that use social media, do not mean that they understand the marketing part of it. They need to know how to conduct themselves and learn the appropriate language to use. We can also introduce social media policies in a company. Where we try to make sure even the employees assist the company’s social media platform. 

Services We Provide

graphic designing

Graphics designing and video editing

Graphics designing is an important part of social media marketing. No matter how creative or great your text is, no one will read it if it is not attractive. Our experienced graphics designing team makes sure they make eye-catching social media posts. They grab people’s attention and which leads to the reading of the content related to it. Graphics designing includes proper and unique illustrations. Video editing also adds to greater watch time on your social media platforms. This increases the chances of the algorithm suggesting your content to other people.

graphic designing
content publishing

Content Publishing

Do you feel like you are making exceptional content but not getting enough feedback? Then there might be a problem in the publishing process of the content. Our Social Media Marketing agency helps businesses publish their content across many platforms. Page analytics help find the right time to publish posts and audiences to target. We do this to get the most audience feedback such as sharing and likes. We also offer real-time social media monitoring. It reduces old scheduled posts with the wrong happening events.


Tracking Metrics

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) metrics centered around the client: commitment (likes, remarks, shares, clicks); impressions reach, and conversations. To determine which metric to track, we align the business goal with the relevant metric. Take the benefits of social media marketing, and let your brand go viral. We specialize in Sticky content, content that engages the audience at first glance.


Strategy Planning

We plan and create a different strategy according to your niche. Having a unique and solid social media marketing strategy will help every small business to become a brand. A good strategy helps businesses to grow and also helps to increase followers, and reach of your social media accounts. We will ensure that the strategy we create will match the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your business niche.