The Modern Era has come with the introduction of computers. The world is behind the computer and it has become a crucial part of everybody’s life. Therefore a tiny error with the computer can ruin your whole work routine. As we know that the quantity has been increased for the specifications of the software and hardware availability. Thus the major issues are being faced very rarely. Still one can expect basic issues while doing any task. For solving such issues you must know basic Troubleshooting in Computer.

Basic Computer problems and how to troubleshoot them?

Basic Troubleshooting in Computer

1. Computer runs slowly

Sometimes your computer takes a long time to boot up. Applications and programs also take longer to respond to. There could be many reasons behind it. You may have too many windows open at once. Your computer may not have enough RAM or has installed a virus.


  • Close any window or program that you are not using currently.
  • Visit your control panel. Afterward, uninstall the older programs that you don’t use now.
  • Go to your task manager. Pause all the running programs that are not required.
  • Make sure to install an antivirus program to fix the infected files.
  • If still the issue occurs so you can connect to our services.

2. Stuck on the “ Blue Screen of death”

This is basically called a “STOP error”. It pops up when your computer’s operating system can’t run your computer safely at the moment. It may cause due to the malfunctioning of the hardware of your computer. Basic Troubleshooting in Computer can resolve this issue. The software controlling a piece of hardware may get out of date. Your hardware settings may be misconfigured.


  • You can use System Restore. It will bring your computer to a state where it was working.
  • Go to Control Panel. Uninstall the old programs which are of no use to you.
  • Keep updating your operating system, device drivers, BIOS, and various other programs.
  • Change the settings for your BIOS. Also, set the hardware back to default.
  • Make sure that all the components of hardware are installed properly.

3. Computer parts are beeping or making sound

You should hear a very low sound coming from your computer. Sometimes you see that the hard drive is beeping or other parts are making noise. You can use the steps for Basic Troubleshooting in Computer It could be due to multiple reasons. It may be because your computer’s cooling fan is broken or the RAM module is malfunctioning. There can be issues with the motherboard too.


  • Clean your Computer’s fan.
  • Check the BIOS setting to ensure that fans are running properly.
  • Remove all the RAM modules and reinsert them.
  • Take a backup of your files on the hard drive and replace it.
  • Remove any disks from your CD/DVD-ROM drive. Also, disconnect the external disk drives.

4. The computer won’t turn on

Sometimes your computer won’t turn on when you press the power button. It is mostly due to hardware issues. The power cord could be missing. Basic Troubleshooting in Computer can solve such errors. Hardware components may be not connected properly. The CMOS battery of your computer may be out of power.


  • Ensure that each switch connected to your computer is on.
  • Ensure all power cables on your computer are connected. Also, they must be set to the appropriate voltage.
  • Make sure to disconnect the peripheral devices before starting your computer.
  • Replace the CMOS battery.
  • Replace the motherboard or hard drive.