In the field of IT solutions, we are one of the best web design companies. We provide high-end quality websites based on your needs and the type of website you want us to create. A good website gives you an outstanding result for your business growth. We have our own team in which each member has the power of knowledge and skills to design and develop any type of website creatively.

Why does your business need a website?

In this era, it is important to get a website. Websites allow customers to view and have a look at your brand without necessarily being in the physical store or office. Companies are now able to provide goods and services through the website. Hence making a website a major key to success. E-commerce has become revolutionary in this era. Giving the ability for customers to order goods in the comfort of their homes and receive them on the doorstep. It increases business sales and popularity since anyone connected can visit the store.

Why Choose Us?

Kabyte is the best web design company. You can get a well-maintained and well-designed website from us to attract the maximum audience to your business. A website is a graphical representation of your business on a web page. It describes the work of your company, the position of your company and the type of services or products that you provide through your website.

We have professional and skilled workers to design our client’s website. Kabyte IT Solutions Pvt. ltd. has a team dedicated to their work and always providing a powerful and modern edge to make your website more powerful, representative and attractive. Our main goal is to design websites as no one has ever designed. We work according to your needs and according to your budget and your time. We design websites for small to large businesses or individuals to professionals. Hence making our company one of the best web design companies.

6 Types of web design for your website

Static layout

One of the most basic types used by our web design company is the static layout. With this layout, you create a website with predefined page dimensions – it has a permanent width. Static layouts respect these dimensions, regardless of browser or device type. static layouts are always an option, you generally don’t want to use them unless you’re creating a completely different mobile version of your site. Through this, we will be providing you with enough examples to choose from.

Liquid design layout

Next on this list of web design types is the Liquid Design layout. This layout, also known as fluid design, uses flexible units instead of fixed units which use fixed units. Since the units are flexible, the page will always fill the width of the device screen, regardless of the device.

Since user experience is key to driving your site and attracting traffic, fluid layouts are also starting to become a viable option for businesses. While you can still use this layout, you run the risk of providing a poor user experience from your site or consolidating information on the page.

Responsive website layout

One web design format used by our web design company is the responsive website layout. As the name suggests, this website uses CSS requests to adjust the size of the website to detect the size of the browser. Responsive websites will automatically change the layout of the website to provide the best user experience to visitors. With a responsive website layout, there are set parameters for how the website will adjust.

Dynamic website layout

The dynamic website layout is ideal for people who do not have extensive knowledge of HTML. These websites may provide different content to website visitors even if two different people are viewing the same page.

With a dynamic website v/s a static website, you create a database of information and functionality. Then, when a user requests a page, the web coding automatically works to put your database components together to create the web page.

Adaptive Website Layout

This is when a website uses CSS queries to adjust the size of a website by detecting the size of the browser. Adaptive websites automatically change the website layout. This gives the best possible experience to the site audience.

Single Page Layout

Our web design company also uses a single-page layout. This is a one-pager layout that users scroll down to find information or services on a page. There can be a navigation menu that links to points on a page that a user might want. This layout is easy to create but is not interesting to any user.

Most Popular Types Of Website


Every 21st-century business must have a website. Nowadays, every person first checks the website of a business. A business website is to inform users about your business and what work you do. A good business website presents all the required information about a company. The motive of a business website is to make a person familiar with your company and a person get enthusiastic to work with your company. This website should always follow the style of company branding.


It is simply a digital version of offline stores. In this digital era, it is very important to have an eCommerce website in order to stay competitive. The more exposure the company has, the more likely they are to gain new customers. For an eCommerce website, it is important to have the technical capacity to accept credit card transactions. The purpose of an eCommerce website is to sell items online with a conventional retail method. eCommerce website is the most demanding website from a web design company. Retailers who have a wide variety of products always invest more in their websites as every product has its own page with detailed explanations. Product pages encourage people to buy the product as they contain high-quality photos and videos, and impressive descriptions.


Every business website needs web designers that are able to interpret and show the company identity to the customers. This same design should be interesting and eye-catching to the audience. All this is done to the customer’s needs and expectations.   At Kabyteitsolutions we have the right specialist for this field. We have a huge work experience in this field and I can gladly say we are one of the best companies in website designing. 

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