The Apple Watch is one of the high-end products from Apple Inc. that most of the consumers resist. Apple offers one of the best ways to stay on top of your collections without having to look at your phone every two minutes. Apple watch also comes with some features like GPS and a host of health features. It is safe to say that an Apple watch is fully loaded with high- tech features. Like any other high-end product, it also comes with some of the few limitations that can be activated due to incorrect usage. Experts from Apple Watch repair near my centre have listed some common issues in Apple Watch. We have also added a few fixes you can try at your home to resolve the common issues in an Apple Watch.


Common Issues In Apple Watch:

  1. Apps Crashing Suddenly
  2. Delayed App Loading
  3. Watch Stuck On Black Screen/Apple Logo
  4. Watch Stuck At Software Update
  5. Unable To Pair Watch with iPhone


1.  Apple Crashing Suddenly

The Apple Watch connects to the iPhone and provides users an easy way to access some apps on the phone. Sometimes, moreover, the apps on the Watch crash suddenly. The issue can be software related.

You simply fix it to update the app on the phone or the Watch. On another way suggested by the experts in various iWatch repair stores around the world.


2. Delayed App Loading

Another common issues in Apple watch is resolved by technicians at many Apple Watch Repair companies. We help you by fixing this problem. This issue again has many explanations. The common problem is the storage is running low on the Apple Watch. 

The most common solution is to restart the watch. For This the user needs to long press with one finger the side button and the Digital Crown until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.


3. Watch Stuck on Apple Logo / Black Screen

The common issues in Apple watch is behind the black screen or a stuck Watch is a problem with the software. It may occur after the software of the Watch is updated or reset. The simpler way to fix the Apple Watch is to force restart the Apple Watch.

If you are facing the same issue, then reinstall the Apple Watch OS. There are some cases where the problem is not resolved even after reinstallation. In those cases, the hardware needs to be inspected by an Apple Watch repair service.

4. Watch Stuck At Software Update

All smart devices need regular updates. Users of the Apple Watch can complain about how the updates will not start or get stuck in the middle while you are using. Experts from Apple centre can tell you how to fix this problem without any hassles.


5. Unable To Pair Watch with iPhone

Likely the most common issues in Apple Watch on the list, being unable to pair a watch with an iPhone can make life really difficult for users.  

Here are some ways Apple Watch users can resolve the problems.

If you have already paired your Apple watch with your iPhone and it’s simply not connecting, ensure that Wifi and Bluetooth both must be turned ON. If the WiFi and Bluetooth are not the problems, then reset your iPhone and it may be the way to go. Moreover, for a network reset, just simply turn on Airplane mode then turn it off after a minute.