What is Norton?

Norton is antivirus software that protects your device from viruses. It does not let enter and cause harm to your device. Norton has been around for years. It provides cyber protection for electronic devices with internet connections.

Also,  it scans your device to protect it as you visit websites, and download files. It instantly blocks any virus trying to enter your device and first asks your permission. If a virus or a worm definitely causes damage then it sends you an alert message.

What is Norton used for?

Norton is an anti-malware software product. It is developed by Norton Lifelock in 1991. It is a part of the Norton family of computer security products. Moreover, it makes use of impressions to spot viruses.

What is Norton’s product key?

Norton Product Key is a 25-character key that is represented in five groups and separated by a dash(-). If you buy antivirus from Norton’s official website then only you will get the product key. The location of the key always varies.

Find your Norton product key.

  1. If you buy from Norton’s official website, you can find your key in your email or in your Norton Account.
  2. If you buy a boxed product, you will get the product key either printed on the box or on the backside of the card.
  3. If you get the services from the service provider, call your service provider for the activation key.
  4. If you will get the service pre-installed on your device, you can find the key in the program files.
  5. Contact your device manufacturer, if you will not find the activation key in the program files.

Activate your  protection with Norton product key

  1. Access your Norton software
  2. In the Norton product window, select help.
  3. Then go to Account Information > Enter Product Key.
  4. Enter the product key you received in your email.
  5. Press Next.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What is a Norton Account?

Norton Account lets a user manage all the subscriptions that a user has from a single location. Moreover, the account is created at the moment when a user buys a Norton product or a service. All details are readily available to the customers.

How to set up Norton Account?

  1. Go to Norton’s official website.
  2. Click On login.
  3. Select create an account.
  4. Click on the google account from which you want to create a Norton account.
  5. Press on continue.
  6. Your Norton account is successfully created.

What to do when the Norton product key is not working?

The “Invalid” error appears when the wrong product key is entered or the product key is for a different product and version.

To fix this error:

Type your product key properly. Be very careful while typing the key it should exactly the same as it appears. The product key is generally a combination of alphabets and numbers.

Also, clear data and cache and enable it. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the Norton software.


To conclude above all, Norton is one of the most popular antiviruses on the market. It has a variety of features to protect your device from harmful viruses. So opt for Norton Product Key and secure your valuable data. For satisfactory and hassle-free services kindly contact www.kabyteitsolutions.com